Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence

Say each affirmation out loud 3 times, making Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence you use the right TONEality. Repeat to yourself in your head3 times: Let these commands be fulfilled.

Dont tell anyone what you are doing, they will just give you funny looks. Try to do this uninterrupted. Don't try to help the affirmations along by forcing your behavior to change, you'll find yourself just AUTOMatically doing the right thing.

Put pauses where there are commas Actual Affirmations Exactly as he said them, with toneality: Your mind is Focused Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence what you desire. You go for what you want, Congruently. DAY 1 Homework: Review power attitudes and do the affirmations.

Women are uncertain. If you believe it, they will too.

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What i resist, persists. What i accept, i gain Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence to use. Use these and you wont care if you get rejected. If she accepts you, cool, if she doesnt, cool. It doesnt Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence anything. Dont settle for less than the best. Willingness to walk away - Attitude: Day 1: Cleaning Up Your Past Day 5: Pick-Up Lines and Approaches Day 6: It will not appear anywhere.

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No rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Value for Money Is the product worth the price paid for it? Is it a good deal? Click "Submit" to send your review! I assume from the Huna religion, partly. I didn't really perform all the exercises for weeks, I did it 3 or 4 times, but I did feel a remarkable difference in my inner game. I'm a relatively good-looking guy though 5'7"so Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence game is maybe what Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence need most.

How to Be Assertive with Women. An Easy Way Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence Project Confidence. If you've ever seen a girl go home with some asshole she didn't even LIKE, you know this is true. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Amateur chubby wife fucks her own son Jeffries confidence Ross unstoppable.

It really is more important, inner game. When I feel great about myself, I walk up to a hot girl and say, "We're supposed to get to know each other," or "Hey, what are you doing here? It's not a dating product. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? It needs a good level of mastery, while MM is comprehensive and well structured so much easier for a newbie. However the ideas behind the patterns are useful and products like unstoppable confidence are not that bad Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence boost your inner game,sorry but it worked for me as it worked for CanadianPride.

Sure it doesn't work for all but imo worths a try if you are a bit familiar and interested in NLP to boost your inner game. Originally posted on Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission. Rolling Stone did an article about Ross. I read it, read some newsletters, in I bought the course and like alot of Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence posts on here I thought it was just some far out bs I had no interest in learning, one year and a couple blown opportunities Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence I came across his Unstoppable Confidence tapes, and need I say within the next month I was getting new numbers every night I was at the clubs with just his beliefs down.

His first tape or track on the cd was worth it's weight in gold to me. Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence about La buena dieta affirmations made me a more charismatic person to be around in the first place.

Turn it around and drop it down Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence of your head. Turn the filmstrip on its side. I know you like being there. Then drop the whole thing down inside your head. Raise it up there. I want Dietas rapidas to look at that first slide. Take a moment to do that.

I want you to see that image of the foot-tall powerful you. You can't see any of the pictures. Look at the last slide. You have a circular filmstrip. As it rotates. Start the whole thing rotating around.

Just see the juicy last one next to the first one. I want you to take the first slide and imagine that you actually have it Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence one hand.

Step into it. Step out of it again. The price you pay for being successful with women is that you're going to get to be successful with everything.

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This stuff is only limited to women. If I take control like this with women.

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Could I maybe use these tools to make myself powerful. You may be asking yourself.

Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly:. Ross Jeffries' unstoppable confidence tapes Users Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence this forum: Ross Jeffries' unstoppable confidence tapes. Post Posted: Tue Dec 23, 8: Post subject: Hot naked toon women Confidence unstoppable Ross jeffries.

I tried my best. I want you to see the last slide from the filmstrip. I had a client I was working with recently. Do that now. Of course you can. What if you picked a different location or context to rehearse every day for the next two to three weeks? What do you think that would do Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence your love life? Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence way. Toward Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence end of the session. For some of you. I'm not going to have any excuse anymore for not controlling myself with every area of my life.

The beauty is that you can use them for anything. Make the last two slides you and her really getting it on. Look at the first slide and step into it so you experience what it would be like to actually be there. Always make sure that you see that powerful. Then drop it down inside your head. Steps 3. For the first slide. Do your Affirmations and Associated State Rehearsal. Turn the whole filmstrip on its side so you can just see the edge perdiendo peso the circle it makes.

Realize how totally prepared you feel. Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence back out of it and do that for Slide 3 and the last slide. Over the other shoulder. That concludes this side of the tape. Turn the tape over and r ewind it. Do the homework from Day 1 and 2. Start rotating it around as you raise it up above your head. You can see them next to each other. However many slides you make. I do know. I want you to run a small. I want you think of the most recent time you made this boo-boo.

Some of you will have that mistake leap to mind right away. You already have to fight circumstances and bad luck. Building Filmstrips seems to be the favorite among my Dietas faciles. I want you to see a powerful. They really like doing that one. Up on the movie screen. Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence I want you to do is think of a recent time when you blew it with a Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence.

Track 4: Welcome to Day 4. Think of some flub. This is a special movie theater that can accommodate foot-tall people. Associated State Rehearsal. Now let me show you about handling your past. Notice how. It could be the most mu ndane. Now what I want you to Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence is back the movie up to an hour before you ever made the flub. Notice again where that picture or pictures Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence to be. Step outside of that movie theater and come back into wherever you are.

I want you to think of something you did two or three years ago. Take your finger and point to where you see those. From an hour before it ever happened. Where were you pointing?

Provides exercises that catapult the confident, attractive and successful person inside of you into action to seduce women. Beginner Intermediate Learning Format: Ross Jeffries Company: Speed Seduction Release Date: January 01, Product No Longer Available. Santee drive in theatre santee california Jeffries confidence Ross unstoppable.

Just run it to the end. Now I want you to think about something you were Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence about an hour before you started listening to this tape today. Actually do this. Just think of Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence you were doing two to three years ago. Another way to think about this is if you were to imagine your mind to be a mental movie screen. I want you to take a break from the movie theater for a minute.

Speak up a li ttle bit.

Now watch as that foot-tall you Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence into the screen. From an hour before. Keep what you have naturally. I want you to think of yourself doing something next month. Go back an hour before you ever made this flub for the very first time. If you were to imagine a line stretching from your past to your present and into your future. See how that feels.

Jeffries unstoppable confidence Ross

Everyone is organized differently. If it helps. From an hour before you first ever made this flub. Just allow yourself to go Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence into your past. Some people have their past behind them. Everyone is different. What I want you to do is remember the very first time you ever made this flub-up or mistake or a flub-up of a similar nature to the mistake you just corrected.

This is a little Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence intricate but very important. Now turn and look into your past and see these three examples of having done it right in the past.

Now what I want you to do is move on into your future. Now what I want you to do is think of a time somewhere between the first time and the most recent time when you made that Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence. Now turn and look toward the present and see the most recent time when you did it right.

Imagine it being an hour before being faced with a similar situation in your future. If you can find a time between the most recent and that time way off in your past. If you stop a minute and think again about being in the future. Something that you always used to flub has Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence become a source of tremendous power. Go out into your future about a month or so from now. Look wherever your future might be.

Now turn. See the most recent time when you did it right. As you do so. Back the movie up to an hour before the flub Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence happened and watch as the foot-tall you goes through it. Beliefs plus tools plus putting in a little effort yields miraculous results. Sometimes there is a series of Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence around the same subject that La buena dieta have to go back and correct.

Go back into your past to an hour before you ever made this kind of flub. Think of a recent flub-up. Beliefs without the tools to execute them are powerless. You might need to go back into your past and correct a few more examples. Turn and look toward the present.

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There are all sorts of different means of saying it. You also need to have a tool to help you do the learning. Let me give you the steps again for cleaning up your past.

Watch the foot-tall you sitting in a movie theatre. Up Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence the screen. I want to encourage you to apply this very powerful exercise to virtually every area of dealing with women. Repeat Steps 4 and 5. You go to an hour before the middle experience. Then turn and look to the present and see the Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence recent time you did it right. Sometimes the flub-up was just not recognizing the woman was a total waste of time.

From an hour before the first time you ever did it. Day 5 is going to be a lot of fun.

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Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence Let me give you a couple of useful hints. Bikini girl and look to your past and see those th ree examples of your having done it right. What Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence should have done was just walk away. We appreciate it. Flub-ups can be anything. Homework is such a nasty word. Step 7: It could be your exercises or doorway into power for today. Then turn back to the future.

I want to show you a good technique to use if you're stuck on what move to make with a particular woman.

The exercises I've been giving you are actually pretty intricate in terms of the amount of concentration they require. What Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence should do in that situation is just close your eyes and see that foottall you. When you get really good at designing and installing the programming you want. I would like you to see an image in your mind of an absolutely. You're going to absolutely clean up on everyone there and leave your competition in the dust.

I want to show you some ways to Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence up your attitude so that when you hit that bar or party.

I want to show you a couple of good techniques. You just see her. Over in the right-hand corner of that picture. This is a pattern called the Swish Pattern.

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Very quickly. Let me talk about actually going out and using this Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence in the field at a bar or Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence. Track 5: Welcome to Day 5. Lean back 30 degrees and ask.

You're not sure what move to make. I want to wrap up by giving you a Ross jeffries unstoppable confidence more tricks. Can you see her? Make sure you just see her.

Open your eyes and close them again. Start again with that picture of her and you in the Adelgazar 40 kilos righthand corner. Close them again. A superior attitude is going to carry you really far.

That girl needs me! In the lower right-hand corner you see that image of you. Tue Dec 23, 7: Well if that's your goal then yeah, I guess so. The package you mentioned is awesome for what you need. Mon Dec 29, 4: Sat Jan 17, 8: Thu Jan 22, 3: I heard that Ross Jeffieries took most of his material off Anothy Robbins, hes not hiding it of course, hes just not saying it either.

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