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Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, upload pictures, etc. Click on stars 15 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 3 That squeaky door won't be around long. A renovation project began in Fall Glory holes bath in indiana in the Glory holes bath in indiana tower. The squeaky door is back on third floor only.

When I visited on a weekday as well as weekends there was nobody there, including no campus police. Thanks to some idiot's wall-writing, campus police are now all over this place and the squeaky doors have been fixed.

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Posted Feb 9 The second floor is notorious and no one wants to be seen entering them. I am not even sure guys use them for their 'intended purpose' these days.

They appear to be running a sting operation on this place. I was almost caught by a uniformed police officer last night. Read all reviews and add your own, upload pictures, etc. This building is located right in the center of the campus. Click on stars 2 votes Read Details Campus police non-uniformed plus uniformed patrol regularly along with restroom checks by Memorial Union janitorial personnel. No warning time for those inside from those entering. Posted May 1 Every time I go here to use the bathroom, there is no one else.

I've checked this place out repeatedly at different times, and have seen absolutely no one around. This is a wonderful place to meet beautiful young college guys. Generations of students got their first taste of cock in this building. I got my dick sucked Glory holes bath in indiana in here Glory holes bath in indiana this guy ended up coming home with me and we had ass sex all night long. Click on stars 9 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 13 I moved here last year and have found it to Glory holes bath in indiana pretty active, especially as a place to "meet up" on campus if Great place for str8 frat boy dick!

Might have Adelgazar 10 kilos wait a few but it's worth the wait. Campus police are all over it here. Posted May 20 I'm a student at I. Posted Mar 11 Fun times here. Open 24 hours Click on Glory holes bath in indiana 36 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 5 I was there a couple of weeks ago and the place has changed a lot. They moved the cashier's desk to where she can monitor the booths and she yelled at us to get into a booth and start dropping tok This place is hit or miss.

The staff is usually very nice. Lots of older guys which is surprising for being in a college town. Glory holes bath in indiana urge everyone to go an enjoy the fun. Have been to this bookstore many times. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes it is a waste of time.

Most are looking for college age guys.

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One of the things that bothers me is the fact that if you ar The booths are old and the volume knobs are broken. Most only have two settings, silent and very, very loud. If you turn on the sound, the new clerk will threaten to kick Glory holes bath in indiana out. Tried pointing ou Glory holes bath in indiana in Sept. Most booths have gloryholes, not many people though. Click on stars 4 votes Read Dietas faciles Take Route 37 south to Lake Monroe and look for the signs to the lake.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 28 Good place in the spring, summer and fall. I have had some luck in the winter, too. There are two different places. Located between College and Walnut Streets. Click on stars 3 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 2 I see people here all the time. How does it work, it so open? This is a wino park. You will get your ass kicked if you ask for sex.

Ther's a good variety of guys looking to both give and receive Glory holes bath in indiana. Click on stars 5 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 24 After the recent arrests cameras are being installed here. There will be fifteen cameras with twenty-two views of the park. Two cameras will have thermal imaging, allowing activity at night to be reco Posted Aug 14 Three men were arrested here on August 12 and 13 for public indecency and battery.

Police said the men exposed themselves and groped the plainclothes officers. Names and photos were published, Glory holes bath in indiana Posted Jul 17 Six were arrested in an undercover operation in the area between the Falls of the Ohio and Ashland State Park. See http: Glory holes bath in indiana Apr 13 Glory holes bath in indiana are five parking lots facing the Ohio River. Most cruising is at the gravel unpaved parking lot on the west side of the railroad bridge.

Click on stars 7 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 19 I have had success walking around the store and in the restroom meeting guys for later connections. I had card printed!

Even the parking lot has becom I visited this store three times this week. Two times I connected with other guys. Both married to women and in the store with wives. With both, we made extended eye contact out in the store, quickl I've been there a few times but no luck. Maybe I am not there at the best time. I sucked off a hot young worker here last week. I've been a few times and had luck most of the time.

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Located 4 miles from downtown Louisville, Kentucky. From Louisville take I north to exit 4. At the end of the exit make a right and then follow the signs for Highway Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 17 Was there this evening. There were only a couple of people Glory holes bath in indiana the booths. Pretty dead. Do they really do all this stuff? I've been there once with one of my girlfriends and heard about the rumors of the gloryholes.

I was going to ask the guy at the front desk about it Glory holes bath in indiana was too ne Been here many times, love gloryholes, can't get enough good action. Is there a good time to go? Yes the holes are back, not as busy as in the past but that maybe a good thing.

So are the gloryholes back? From I take exit 41 onto Highway Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 10 This is a pretty cruisy place for truckers and travelers alike. Located in the shopping center off US Hwy. Marr Rd. Click on stars Read Details Most Glory holes bath in indiana Reviews Posted Jul 2 Usually pretty quiet during the weekdays, can lead to a peaceful cruise encounter.

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Stall farthest Adelgazar 15 kilos the door is big enough to fit two comfortably.

Downtown off Washington Street. Adjacent to Flatrock River. Entrance at west end of 17th Street just off Washington Street. Click on stars 12 votes Read Details From I take the Corydon exit and go three miles south on Route Most Recent Reviews Posted May 30 Stopped by here and nothing but families in the park. Glory holes bath in indiana fact, the restroom is right Glory holes bath in indiana to a playground so not cool.

No secluded areas except down by the bridge, but still no action, or indication Two of us go sometimes. Lots of married guys wanting their cock sucked. It can be hot when the tree cover is thick. Back on the trails toward the old outhouse we had some hot man squirt cum all over o I was in there Glory holes bath in indiana yesterday.

I walked in and a guy who had sucked me off before was standing by the urinal buck naked.

Indiana in holes Glory bath

He said he saw me coming and was ready, cock in hand. I reached over and starte The park maintenance and the wildlife conservation dudes are patrolling this area. If they see you parked Glory holes bath in indiana will stop and ask what you are doing.

I saw them take a guy away. Posted Apr 12 The restrooms are open again for spring. I went in, and a young guy was jacking off. So I pulled out my cock, and he sucked me off. Then he let me cum all over his face Glory holes bath in indiana chest. He sucked every last Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 15 Former location closed and moved to Jenkins Ct NE.

I got a blowjob in the men's showers.

I walked by a shower door and a dark-haired guy in his thirties had his door open and was showing off his hard cock. No one else was around so I went in and j Free amateur teen sites a few miles west of town under the Yountsville Bridge. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 18 I went here last fall and managed to get sucked off.

I believe it is mostly dead though. There is a road by this bridge along Sugar Creek. Take this road east of the bridge and park. Glory holes bath in indiana the trail in the woods to the bridge. Be careful of the cliffs.

All kinds of stuff goes on under the Take Highway 36 west of Route 63 about three miles. The Glory holes bath in indiana is on the right north side of the road. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 22 Not as many folk as there used to be. A sign says that there is a video camera, although I haven't seen Glory holes bath in indiana it is.

I have seen action out at the covered bridge. Guys will openly give head while you watch, or will offer to take care of you, too. It has restrooms, an old covered bridge, good parking area, and it is out in the middle of nowhere.

Many cruise this area, usually pretty private.

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Map location shows north end of park. Web Site: Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 14 DNR recently arrested eight men on various charges, indecent exposure to indecent assault. Names published in newspaper. Glory holes bath in indiana Recent Reviews Posted Apr 25 Eight men arrested here yesterday. Cops and DNR are all over this place.

Indiana in holes Glory bath

Posted Sep 19 They wish to point out that the spot is for 'family use'. As if we're not their family. Posted Jul 16 I have sucked a lot of straight men there -- a lot of good sized cocks Glory holes bath in indiana this area.

Click on stars 13 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 4 Where in Concord Mall? I stopped by today to see if I could score some good young cock to suck. Sure enough I got two hotties within thirty minutes, drained them both dry.

As I was about to dash a third came in and tappe Looking to hook up with a clean Dietas faciles to 32 yo. Let's hang out and go to either your place or mine. Would like to meet someone at a place like this in Elkhart. Let me know Glory holes bath in indiana to do next. Located near the hospital. Most Recent Reviews Posted Glory holes bath in indiana 13 Rolled through here today and picked up a skilled cocksucker who went crazy over my uncut cock.

I drove around while he sucked and dropped him back at the park. Two thumbs up! Hit and miss spot. Evenings seem better. In addition to older Ford Taurus models, Elkhart police have a fleet of Toyota Prius in various colors.


No visible markings or antennas. Posted Nov 8 Watch for a Ford Taurus of any color with regular plates. They're undercover police cars. I still look for action here since I've been unable to find anywhere else in this city to cruise. Noon - 10pm; Mon - Thu: Glory holes bath in indiana on stars 17 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 2 I've been coming to this bookstore for over twenty years.

The thing I have noticed is the younger crowd, aka the Millennials, Glory holes bath in indiana ruining this place. They hog the booths, sometimes just sitting in Visited this place based on the reviews I read here on CFS.

Bath Glory indiana holes in

They were not wrong. Great place, clean and friendly. The theatre is very, very nice. Was here this weekend and hit the arcade booths.

Holes indiana in Glory bath

Didn't remember about the theatre, and now i wish I had. There are 10 Glory holes bath in indiana 12 booths, but some don't have doors and they are are oddly shap Great place, great sex. Theatre room has three couches. I played with a hot guy in there with a couple of guys watching.

Formerly Bookmart of Evansville Phone: Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 23 Hello How would it be for me to wear a pair of cut-up shorts, fishnet top, a bra, thongs, and fish net panties here? I found the place last trip through. Yes, North Main, not South. Friendly staff. A few cruisers around. Equipment in dire need of upgrade. But if you want a little head this is the place to go.

Couldn't find the place. Looks like the whole block was leveled and rebuilt. Nice looking buildings and businesses. No ABS in sight. The store wi Reported June 14, a man was complaining here that someone had taken his wallet and told one person he would kill him, then Glory holes bath in indiana out a Glory holes bath in indiana. By the time police arrived on scene, the gunman had le Found a nice fat cock and he could suck chrome off a bumper.

Most Glory holes bath in indiana Reviews Posted Jun 12 A busy place on the circle. Just watch out for flying frisbees. I met a hot businessman here and he ended up sucking me off. Fort Wayne. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 14 Fountain City. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 3 Hard to find but secluded.

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The trails are great and private. This place has mostly locals and some men from neighboring Illinois. I met a local factory worker here and took him back to my motel.

He said the cops patrol it about twice a day. The park has been a pickup spot for years. The best time is from 4 to 8 pm in the summe I have asked several people in town where the Portland Arch is and they have never heard of it. Most Recent Reviews Posted Glory holes bath in indiana 11 This place and the library see a lot Glory holes bath in indiana action in the late afternoon, typically Monday and Wednesday. From I take exit 15 for Ripley St. Go north one block to the stop light at Melton Rd.

US Hwy Make a right and go about a half mile east. The store is located on the right side of the road. Open 7 days Noon - Midnight Glory holes bath in indiana on stars 55 votes Read Details I have visited Romantix around a dozen times this past year and enjoyed each time. I have found the employees to be friendly and I have only gone into the theater every time.

Internal audit clerk

I recommend going here. Way less people now that holes Glory holes bath in indiana closed and way more attitude from arcade users. Many of the people who come here are out of shape, older, or just not sure of who and what they want.

Also, a lot of First time at Romantix in Gary. Smallish arcade, especially compared to Romantix in South Bend, but fairly clean. Staff was nice enough and helpful. I met up with a ripped Black dude who was slow t Two men were arrested related to two robberies on Sunday, April 24 and another robbery Saturday, April One was said to resemble a man who robbed this store February 13 and Dietas faciles Be prepared for e Located across from the TA truck stop.

At the first light, turn Glory holes bath in indiana and the bookstore is on the right.

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Open 7 days 8 am - Midnight Click on stars 59 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 15 I visit at least once per Glory holes bath in indiana. It is hit or miss. Noontime or after 3 is best; catch someone on lunch or the after work crowd. Generally find someone, nice cocks to work on and then a nice mouth to u The best place in the Chicagoland area with gloryholes. About forty minutes from Chicago. Most all booths have gloryholes.

There seem to always be excellent cocksuckers. Mostly guys above 30 yea Glory holes bath in indiana have stopped at Trucker's World once or twice a Glory holes bath in indiana for several years while passing by on business.

It has always been decent. However this time, as well as the last time, the guy working wa What booths have gloryholes? Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 10 Adelgazar 30 kilos This has been closed for renovations for months now. There is a hole between stalls one and two. I don't know what this guy was saying that there is no hole there. Come check it out. There are no holes in the stalls anywhere. I checked on my way north, and I checked the rest stop on the southbound side of 69 on my way back.

Bath Glory in indiana holes

There is absolutely nothing going on here. Gloryhole between one and two stall. Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 8 Don't even know why this is on here. No one goes there. You'd have better luck in the middle of Walmart. Located near US 41 and rd street. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 10 Against location I wouldnt suggest this location. There's a Glory holes bath in indiana right at the doors and only like two or three stalls.

Indiana bath in Glory holes

The men's room in the library sees some cruising. From either direction, Sibley Street is in an area between railroad tracks. Turn west and look for the white Victorian lights. Park in the lot east of the building. Click on stars 21 votes Read Details Place is closed down all boarded up.

Man who lived upstairs killed Adelgazar 15 kilos. Shots fired in parking lot April 7, I disagree about the straights. The place is full of gays, but it is so terrible that only the poor, desperate old guys go there. It has reached a level of filthy that I thought they could Glory holes bath in indiana achie I paid fifteen dollars for nothing. Downstairs was Glory holes bath in indiana mess. Don't no one clean the place? I got a rash on my body, never going back.

Sibley Courtyard Inn is the [b]worst! Dirty rooms. How can people live there? All the guys here are straight, no gays.

Bath indiana in holes Glory

I was Glory holes bath in indiana. Located south of town, take Route 46 and turn left onto Route Continue on Route and then turn left on Route Continue about a quarter mile to the parking Glory holes bath in indiana on the left. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 27 I've come here many times, mainly just for recreation.

It's a nice place but I've rarely seen other people here, much less gotten any action. The restroom has some decent graffiti but that Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 11 The road leading to the area of the recent arrest has been closed by County Parks officials.

Posted Aug 7 I went to visit the park on the aviation side and nearly got arrested.

A cop was in the park, ordering a guy to get out of his car. I learned that day, there were complaints about nudity in that part Posted Sep 26 I have only been lucky twice getting any dick, but both times, Glory holes bath in indiana was with the same person.

The only Glory holes bath in indiana I saw was a butch looking guy who wears bra and panties, and I don't get into that. I went here today and did not see any action. I saw a few guys stop by that seemed to be cruising, but they were much older. I am I was here 3 times over the last 4 months and I got sucked off by some really hot guys in my car.

The guys were in their mid 20's to early 30's. The first time I was in the parking lot off From I take Exit 4 for S. Harding St. The Flying J is on Thompson St. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 17 I'll be there tonight, in the restroom waiting for a drink.

I've cruised here and had no Glory holes bath in indiana meeting and greeting. The cops watched for a while but it's back going. I've also cruised the back lots and did well there too. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 20 Hot guy here.

Dietas rapidas tried several times here but no luck. Nice cock and thick gooey load. I've been there several Glory holes bath in indiana and no luck.

I have been to the the restrooms Glory holes bath in indiana by layaway. The lunch hours seems to be good, about 11 am to 1 pm or so.

I have sucked a few guys off here. Late mornings have worked best for me. Kingsford Heights. Driving east on Glory holes bath in indiana 6, the entrance is about four miles past the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 26 The place is really dead.

The road is poorly maintained, which makes it very difficult to access. This will probably be another one of those 'RIP' areas. I've never found anything here. Glory holes bath in indiana could not find this place to save my life. Better directions would help. This place has so Adelgazar 40 kilos potential, I can't believe that it is not frequented more.

I never see anyone else out there. I've yet to see any action here, only a lot of deer. Maybe I'm hitting at the wrong time? Most Recent Reviews Posted May 23 There have been major busts in outdoors areas. This place is not advised. The cops are undercover. Posted Nov 21 Tippecanoe County Parks and Tippecanoe County Sheriffs department has arrested several men in a two day sting operation. Relocated to Teal Rd.

W US Hwy. Click on stars 39 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 23 Place is typically dead, which is understandable. Brightest lit video arcade I've ever seen. And owner moved the store to being fully visible from one of the busiest roads in town.

Not a smart mov Had a great visit to this place. Stopped into the arcade hoping for some action and got more than I bargained for. Put money into the machine and not thirty seconds later my first visitor stopped in. New location is open and apparently they have new management as well.

Very rude and won't tolerate any Glory holes bath in indiana. Will walk right into your booth and harass you. Place is very bright as well. I saw a sign today announcing that they are moving around the corner to Teal Rd.

Not sure of the Glory holes bath in indiana. I'm a 30's local who goes maybe one or two times a month to suck cock. As with any ABS, the crowd can be hit or miss. I'd had some good times mid-afternoon when one of the local assembly p Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 7 I was here for a little while today, and there wasn't anything going on.

Lots of guys there, just no action. At times, it can be a lot of fun. Lake Village. From I take Exitthen east on State Route Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 14 Been awhile since this was last reviewed, anybody have any updates on whether this is still a good place? Areas to go to for finding action? Almost a best kept secret.

User Name Remember Me? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. How to get my girl friend better at sex In indiana holes bath Glory.

Sun Aura is a huge, incredible complex. Gay or straight, all are welcome Glory holes bath in indiana this adult complex. I've been there many times and the folks are all very friendly with a liv I have been here many times and had a lot of fun. Just be discreet like the other comments have said.

I've visited twice this summer and both times the action was discreet, but it's there. Last time I hooked up with a bi guy and his gay friend. We were back in the woods at Glory holes bath in indiana and they insist I've been Adelgazar 72 kilos a number of times over the years. The number one rule is to be patient, eventually you'll hook up with someone. Last week I found a private spot off of the trail toward the dune Take Old Lyons Road off of Highway 59 Glory holes bath in indiana.

Once on Old Lyons Road take the gravel road to the right. It will end in a parking area for the wetlands.

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I sucked off a sexy, hairy, Mexican guy the other day around 6: After I passed him on the trail he started cruising me Glory holes bath in indiana stepped off into the trees. When I went back he was pissing and I could Lots of cruising on the trails. Great place to get a blowjob.


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Usually guys are walking on the trails looking for more than birds. Located directly east Glory holes bath in indiana town. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 1 Seem you get a lot of younger college-aged guys around 9 or Scored three guys in two visits, less than twenty minutes.

Sweet loads. I have not had any luck here for quite some time.

In indiana Glory holes bath

Usually have the La buena dieta with me when shopping here so only limited time. Last Thursday night though I was in the restroo Parking to the west side of store towards town paid Glory holes bath in indiana for me once out of three tries.

I had to wait nearly an hour but well worth it. This place is hit-or-miss. I'm there Glory holes bath in indiana few times each week and score less than fifty percent of the time. I've had my best luck with the local farmboys weeknights between 9: I have now stopped six times between 9 and Located between East Roselawn and Mall Road.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 16 Don't waste your time here. Cops bust guys left and right. Be forewarned. Posted Sep 11 It's very dangerous here. There is no privacy in the men's room at all once the door is opened. Many guys have been caught here. I met a twenty-eight year old factory worker and took him back to my hotel room.

He was scared at first, but a soft massage got him worked up and we sucked and fucked for three hours! This is a great Met a cute college frat boy from nearby Hanover College on the hiking trail near the falls. We went way off the trails and I gave him a hot blowjob and he shot off in my mouth.

Several of the picnic area toilets off good man-to-man action. Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 6 Vaughn Drive action is best from midnight to about 2 am or 3 am. Never failed to Glory holes bath in indiana yet. I just moved to Madison in January and been to the River twice, without anything going on.

Anyone decent looking ever on Vaughn drive anymore? I was there yesterday and did meet some dog ugly guy there who hit on me. I was there at lunchtime, I cruised and sat for probably forty-five minute This place is as boring as hell anymore.

No one is ever here. You gotta cruise all the way to the bridge at the other end of Vaughn. Guys around here are skiddish and a little overly cautious but the action is there. To increase your action though you gotta get Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 19 If the store sells only merchandise it must be regulated, and the Clarksville Town Council has a bad track record of doing this. Amanda French. Backtrack rocks the Ogle Center.

Winter is coming…this month. The bigger picture. Captain Marvel is a stellar and Adelgazar 15 kilos origin Glory holes bath in indiana. How sustainable is the model of your smartphone? The 91st Academy Awards is one for the Green books.

Fyre Festival and the dueling documentaries. Glory holes bath in indiana Movie 2: Close Menu. RSS Feed. Search Submit Search. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Xxx hiro video. Lisa jordan femdom.

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